Writing is Complete, Now to Read

After 14 years writing our sides without sharing, tonight we trade our chapters and go to the next level. Your turn to read the whole story is getting closer… http://www.kathleencathleen.com/the-beginning.html




4 responses to “Writing is Complete, Now to Read

  1. Congrats and looking forward to reading it all! Thanks in advance for your efforts Donna

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    • Thank you for supporting the telling of our stories from the two perspectives. We are hopeful that it will help a lot of people who want to learn more. Warm wishes to you, Donna. ~Kate


  2. Congratulations – it’s been a wonderful ride with you two – I started following your journey at Fishtrap with Beth Taylor as our writing guide. I’m so pleased that you both are “honest women” on a journey of discovery.


    • Thank you, Judy. Seeing you follow our trail has been a source of encouragement that is treasured. We appreciate it and I look forward to seeing you again someday. Thanks for staying in touch.


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